Jake Ciely

You Could Have Won By Using FPA

Created on May. 19, 2013 8:46 PM EST

Wide Receivers

Wide Receiver: I say it’s surprising to see wide receivers in third place at a remarkable 76.3 percent, and you might say, “It’s just third place… out of four.” However, when you breaking down receiver matchups, you have more than one option, sometimes three. With that many options every week, you know all of the players won’t always hit, so to see the percentage just narrowly behind the RBs was surprising, but also further proof in the usefulness of FPA. Just as with QBs and RBs, studs and lesser stars showed up with strong games. We saw teams we would expect – Broncos, Patriots, Giants, Cowboys, etc. – and plenty we didn’t – Titans, Dolphins, Jaguars, etc. – produce as predicted. Of course, there were still disappointing moments from studs, such as Demaryius Thomas, Brandon Marshall, Dez Bryant, Victor Cruz and even Megatron himself (Week 7 and 8). Yet, to be on the mark over three-fourths of the time with a position this deep? I’d take those odds when predicting the most inconsistent position any day.

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