Jake Ciely

You Could Have Won By Using FPA

Created on May. 19, 2013 8:46 PM EST

Wrap Up

Overall, using FPA analysis would have seen you hit on about 450 players this season (!) for an overall accuracy rating of 76.4 percent. To give you a reference point, FantasyPros tallied the weekly rankings for 88 experts over the entire season. Their overall accuracy averaged out to 59.8 with the top being 62.6 and the low end coming in at 54.6. Now the math isn’t hard here, so wouldn’t you take the 76.4 percent predictability every.single.time.? It’s crazy not to, and if you did, you likely won your league, or at the worst, made the championship game. In the end, the ultimate goal is to win, and using this tool for your fantasy football season significantly increases your odds. Make sure to check in as we near the season and the each week of 2013 for the FPA breakdown.

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