Founded In
1904 / 1926 / 2004
Castel Volturno, Italy

About Napoli

Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli, commonly called Napoli or SSC Napoli, was founded in 1926, although the club's origins date back to 1904 and the formation of Naples Foot-Ball & Cricket Club. In 1912 a second team in Naples, US Internazionale Napoli, emerged and the two clubs joined together in 1922 as FBC Internaples. In 1926, the decision was made to adopt the name Associazione Calcio Napoli and many see this as the formation year of the current club. The name Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli came into use in the 1960s.

The club made its mark on Serie A during the 1930s, finishing in the top three in both the 1932–33 and 1933–34 seasons. However, the post-war years saw the club decline and for several decades the club bounced between Serie A and Serie B. The arrival of Diego Maradona in the 1980s transformed the club and made them into a major force.

During Maradona's time at the club, Napoli won Serie A on two occasions, first in 1986–87 when they beat Juventus and then again in 1989–90 when Milan were runners up. Other trophy wins during this era include a Coppa Italia win in 1987 and a UEFA Cup win in 1989. Maradona's time at the club came to an end after he tested positive for cocaine in 1991. This led to a gradual decline, which culminated in the club becoming bankrupt in 2004. It was reborn in Serie C1 under the name Napoli Soccer and returned to SSC Napoli in 2006. The club quickly climbed the leagues and earned promotion back to Serie A at the end of the 2006–07 season. In 2011–12, the club won the Coppa Italia for the 4th time beating Juventus 2-0 in the final.

Legendary Napoli players include Diego Maradona, Attila Sallustro and Giuseppe Bruscolotti. The club's most recent hero is Edinson Cavani.

Napoli have played their home matches at the Stadio San Paolo since 1959. The ground has a capacity of 60,240 and is perhaps most famous for being the venue of the 1990 World Cup semi final between Italy and Argentina. 

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