Fake News! Report of Legendary England Keeper Gordon Banks’s Death is a Hoax


Gordon is alive & well The nasty rumour online is upsetting for the family HE IS AT HOME AND FINE rt please @GaryLineker @WayneRooney #banks pic.twitter.com/VmcIuGK6fb

— Gordon Banks OBE (@thegordonbanks) October 4, 2017

England’s World Cup winning goalkeeper Gordon Banks wants to make it quite clear: “I’m not dead!”

He spoke out on Twitter after a report went viral that he had died at 79.

Banks made 628 appearances during a 15-year career in the Football League, and won 73 caps for his country.

But City-herald.com published the story reporting that Banks had died…

“Former England international football goalkeeper, Gordon Banks has died. He died Wednesday afternoon at his home in Sheffield, England. He was 79.
His death was confirmed by his spouse, Ursula, who said the England World Cup-winning goalkeeper battled with kidney cancer for years. “He lost one kidney to the disease 12 years ago and was on medication with the other kidney affected,” the wife said.”

The story was made up. Banks saw his old friend Pele – from whom he made one of the greatest saves in history – just a few weeks ago.

Here’s that save…


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