Jamie Vardy’s Wife Becky Tackles Internet Hate Trolls Who Threatened Her Children

  • Leicester City striker’s wife refuses to back down from Internet trolls
  • Online monster threatened to rape Vardy’s 2-year-old daughter
  • Becky posed for photo to shame tormentors

Rebekah Vardy is fighting back against the Internet trolls after revealing how one online coward threatened to rape her two-year-old daughter – and another wished her baby son dead.

(Instagram/Rebekah Vardy)

In an exclusive interview with the Sun, Rebekah, wife of England and Leicester City striker Jamie, said: “I posted a picture of Sofia to thank a company for sending her some hair clips. She was smiling in her dad’s football shirt.

“Then I got such a vile message from someone wanting to rape her. It was shocking and out of the blue.”

She also received nasty messages about son Finley, who is just seven months.

“Someone tweeted that he should have been stillborn. It was beyond upsetting. I thought, ‘This just isn’t right. That’s it.’ ”

It was the final straw for the mum-of-four, who has been insulted by online bullies since she began dating Jamie four years ago.

(Instagram/Rebekah Vardy)

She decided to speak out about the haters. And in a further show of defiance , she posed for a dramatic picture, exclusively for The Sun, with all the names she’s been called scrawled across her back and arms.

“I was first approached a year ago to do something on trolling and I didn’t feel comfortable enough to talk about it,” she told The Sun. “I was worried it would just encourage people.”

But then the abuse was directed at her and Jamie’s young family.

“Jamie was furious,” she said. “Both of us just wanted five minutes in a room with that person.

(Instagram/Rebekah Vardy)

“It really p***** me off. People can say whatever they want to me. I’m thick skinned.

“I have been through so much and the only way I know how to be is strong. But once people bring my ­children into it, it’s a whole ­different ball game.”

“I did get really upset and cried about the nasty things people wrote about them.”

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