The Kaleidoscope Keeper: Is This The Worst Football Jersey Ever?


Wycombe Wanderers have just released their goalkeeper jerseys for the 2017/18 season – and their excuse for its lurid yellowness is that it puts off attackers!

By the looks of it, the shirt will put off just about everybody.

(Wycombe Wanderers)

“I wanted to try to create a target area to draw opposition players’ eyes to,” said the UK League Two side’s goalkeeping coach and chief designer Barry Richardson.

“The modern-day goalkeepers are a lot bigger than they used to be. So it’s a no-brainer to design something with big, bright, bold colors because it just makes big goalkeepers even bigger,” he added.

And it’s not an accident that the jersey’s being compared to a kaleidoscope.

“I had a kaleidoscope as a kid,” Richardson told the BBC. “I remember looking at it and it drew my eyes into the middle.

“With all of the sparkly colours, you could see them all on the peripheral, but your eyes are always drawn to the center.”

(Wycombe Wanderers)

Meanwhile, the sky blue and baby pink color combination of the second keeper kit is blended into a similarly attention-grabbing pattern which will stand out from the crowd (for all the wrong reasons).

Richardson, who remains registered as a second-choice goalkeeper behind no.1 Scott Brown, will at least have to wear the kit he designed.

“There’s been a lot of research into the science behind goalkeeper kits, which is why you see a lot of luminous colors and chevron patterns which enlarge the presence of the keeper in the goal.

“We’ve developed that idea over the past couple of years, with a bright lime and green design last year, and have enjoyed working with O’Neills to come up with these designs which we hope will be effective on the pitch and also be popular for fans who’d like to buy the replica versions.”

Brown admitted: “I must admit I had to do a double-take when Barry showed me the designs – they’re a lot different from what I’ve worn in the past!

But they’ve definitely grown on me and I’m looking forward to wearing them throughout the season, even if I get a few rude comments from opposition fans behind my goal!”.

Just for good measure, the kits will carry the logos of Beechdean Dairy Ice Cream on the front.

Replica versions of the goalkeeper kits will be available to purchase later this month. Yeah right!

You’d think they would have learned by know. Here are some horrors from the past…


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