Poor Old Spurs! £70,000-a-Week Danny Rose Moans Tottenham Stars Are Grossly Underpaid


Spurs’ spoiled stars are complaining they are the paupers of the Premier League.

Despite their multi-million pay deals the Tottenham Hotspur players are apparently backing full-back Danny Rose’s claim that his £70,000-a-week pay is insultingly low.

Rose got a round of applause from other players after returning to the dressing room after making his claims in the British press.

He complained Spurs bosses hadn’t bought any new players in the summer transfer window and insisted he was worth double the deal he signed a year ago.

“It’s not about the money,”he said (don’t they all?). But is Rose really going to get much sympathy from fans who may take years earning the kind of sums the Spurs players take home every week?

“Disgusting article by Danny Rose @TheSun . Unprofessional and totally ungrateful . It’s demoralizing and disappointing. Chuck him out,” tweeted Lord Sugar, star of Britain’s The Apprentice.

Spurs have fined Rose two weeks’ wages – £150,000 – for speaking out. He should watch out. If he was earning twice as much the fine would have cost him £300,000!

Not to worry. He’s not going to starve is he?

Manchester United and Chelsea are interested in snapping him up. And they will probably give Rose the cash he’s asking for.

Other Spurs players like Harry Kane, Delle Ali and Eric Dier may well follow, wrecking one of the most exciting young teams in European football. All for the money, of course.

What do you think? Should football’s pampered players be paid so much money?

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