Steven Gerrard in Bling Backlash Over £1,455 Gold iPad 6th Birthday Gift for Daughter

  • Gerrard blasted over gold iPad gift.
  • Liverpool legend posts pic of £1,455 device…and plugs the company.
  • The Liverpool U-18 team coach has 4 kids and is married to Alex Curran.

Steven Gerrard has been blasted by fans for flaunting his wealth by posting a photo of a gold iPad he bought for daughter Lourdes’ 6th birthday.

The Liverpool legend posted a picture of the £1,455 device on his Instagram account and plugged the company that sells it.

“Happy 6th birthday to this little stunner I love you babe,” the proud father-of-four posted.

He’s got one for himself, too (Instagram/Steven Gerrard)

Fans weren’t so happy with the gesture.

Amanda Dodd wrote “Flaunting wealth is obscene, expected better from Steve G.”

Julie Phelan said: “A gold ipad for a 6 year old. Really? Not sure that endorsement needed to be publicised. Couldn’t you just pay full price and keep it private.” Another wrote: “Thanks @stevengerrard for making my daughter think this is normal and she should have it.”

Theonlymod said: “Talk about gloating man . . .  most of the Liverpudlians are in poverty!” Another stated: “Ohhh noooo stay humble lad!” Jon Hamm added: “Food banks exist. Just incase you didn’t know.”

Gerrard’s wife Alex Curran (Instagram/Steven Gerrard)

“Fair play to you,” wrote jusnowofficial. “You and your wife have worked hard for what you have and so you should be able to buy you’re children whatever you want, hell I would if I could. But maybe before you post such extravagance you should spare a thought for those of us who literally have no idea how they are going to ‘do’ Christmas and probably cry themselves to sleep because of this. We are living on beans on toast and pasta and sauce don’t know if the electrics going to go off most days. I spend £25 a week making sure my youngest gets to school and on my ‘bad’ week live on £40. I don’t want sympathy from this and I’m sure you give a lot to charity and help people. I just want you and other celebs to think about what you post at this time of year!”


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