Still Got the Blues: See Diego Costa’s Emotional Farewell Instagram to Chelsea


Diego Costa may be gone from Stamford Bridge, but he’ll never be forgotten.

The former Chelsea star penned an emotional tribute to Chelsea’s fans, his teammates and even the club staff on Instagram.

Here’s what he wrote…

“Some cycles begin while others end. My cycle at Chelsea began three years ago – three remarkable years in all aspects – and I will never forget it. Two championship titles, a Community Shield, 120 matches, 59 goals and 24 assists later this cycle has ended. Not the way I would have wanted – far from it – but the best way possible. The wonderful fans of such equally admirable club and all team mates, as well as all clinical, administrative and logistics staff will remain forever in my mind and in my heart. Will bring them with me with the certainty that I will always be by their side as well, and I’m sure they will understand the reason why this cycle of mine has now ended – because I could not lose faith in myself. Thank you Chelsea for everything!”

There was no personal note to manager Antonio Conte, but Costa was planning to meet his estranged boss in the tunnel at the Champions league tie with his new/old club Atletico Madrid.

To some opposing players who have felt the brunt of Costa’s rough side, the prospect of a tunnel meeting may sound ominous, but the striker seems to be going through a touchy-feely stage.

Despite his refusal to return to the PL champions for pre-season training, remaining on vacation in Brazil, he is still beloved by teammates with John Terry and Cesc Fabregas paying tribute to their pal on social media. Many Chelsea supporters feel much the same about their anti-hero.

But there’s no doubts where his heart is now, even though a transfer ban means Costa won’t be able to play for Atletico until January.

He also posted this photo…

(Instagram/Diego Costa)

Underneath was the caption…

“There’s a saying that ‘the good son makes it home’ – and here I am Atlético! Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is the future, today is now. And now is the moment of doing and developing. Today, tomorrow, and always.”

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