Swapsies? Ronaldo to PSG and Neymar to Real Madrid


They are in the battle of their lives to stay in the Champions League with Real Madrid 3-1 ahead over PSG going into the second leg.

But could Ronaldo and Neymar be on the brink of swapping teams?

That’s one theory leaking from the Madrid camp. The argument goes that Real want Neymar – badly – but the only way they can even hope to pull off the move is by offering something (very) big in return.

Bale wouldn’t be enough and neither would Benzema. The only option would be Ronaldo.

Neymar is reportedly interested in joining Madrid and getting the opportunity of going head-to-head against Leo Messi and his old Barcelona teammates. The big question is whether Ronaldo is interested in going to France.

PSG has the cash, but maybe not the cachet. Still, he may go for one final massive payday before heading across the Atlantic to end his career Beckham-style in Los Angeles.


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